Our Learning Resources.


Weekly student-run workshops on a variety of topics accessible to all students.


Free, student-made courses to learn coding. You can access them on your own or follow them at our workshops.


For Mentors

The best way to show you're good at something, is by teaching it. Showcase your skill by becoming a student mentor! You are not a private tutor, you are a mentor. So you are not expected to give private tutoring classes, but rather be a helping hand and a guide.

Expected weekly commitment ≈ 30 mins

For Mentees

Feel overwhelmed and don't know where or how to start coding? Find a student mentor that will be there to help guide you on your coding journey. This mentorship is very highly demanded. Thus, you must be commited, active, and serious about learning code.

We have a small selection process.

Other Resources

Technical Interview Preparation

Other Resources