Our Career Resources.
Internships Spreadsheet
Listed in the spreadsheet are all spring weeks and summer internships for students. We provide information such as opening dates, links, CV requirements, question types etc...
Includes roles for:
Tech, Fintech, SWE, Trading, Consulting, and more...
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CodeSoc Spreadsheet

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Build your CV.
As a Student Mentor
Mentor for 1 hour a week beginner student coders, freshers, or students trying to break into a tech career.
As a Workshop Tutor
Be a tutor at our workshops, we have already prepared content, or you can also tutor your own content.
By Adding a Skill
Take one of our courses and display your newly acquired skill in your CV! We're working on adding more courses!
Career Events.
Technical Interview Workshop
We run termly events in association with the Warwick Careers Team on the Technical Interview Process
Spring Week Talks
We will be running talks on spring week internships. We will share student experiences, insights and general tips.
Careers Day
We are working on organising an open day for top tech company recruiters to come on campus.
Coming Soon